That’s Wack Pinball Machine

 When a TV show or Movie, usually a comedy, abandons its usual format and spends most of the episode or movie as a parody of another show, book, television show, movie, or genre. Popular TV shows that we all grew up on are always the most targeted for this format, as they’re recognizable by everybody. It is usually revealed that the whole thing was just a dream or fantasy, or a lengthy series of events will be required to set up the parody. We want to take this concept one step further and bring all the old TV show parodies into the pinball world for all the players to remember.

Unique Pinball Concept

For the most part, television stays with us, and for many of us, the shows we watch become part of the fabric of who we are. Our choices, tastes, and opinions are all reflected in what we watch. But as time moves on and continues propelling us forward, we sometimes forget details that were once so clear…like the names of old TV shows we used to watch all.                            It happens to us all; we each have those shows we definitely remember watching, but we don’t necessarily remember what they were called. Maybe we can vividly recall a storyline, or a certain character or plot point — some major element tied to the show that has stayed with us through the years — but when we try to remember what the name of the damn thing was, all our memories conjure is a flurry of scenes and images, until now!!. 


True Parody and Fair Use

What are the essential ingredients of a classic TV show? 

A great theme song, unforgettable line or character voice.

We will be incorporating the best catchy parody TV theme songs and parody voice impressionist of your favorite characters! Yes that’s right all the best television theme songs you just can’t seem to get out of your head. We’ll be including both animated and live-action TV shows for all to enjoy.

Are we allowed to do this?

One specific type of Fair Use that is almost never a gray area is parody. Song parodies, movie parodies, book parodies.                                                              All of these are protected by Fair Use. True parodies are among the few types of derivative works that do not require copyright holders to give permission to use their work. To be considered a true parody, a creative work must imitate the style of an artist for that comic effect.

Available 2022 / 2023

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