When you bond with your dad as a kid, you often times experience a moment or two that’s not exactly funny. Instead of funny memories, you have groan memories. Like these golden oldies. “Becoming a vegetarian is a huge missed steak.” Or “I can’t believe I got fired from the calendar factory. All I did was take a day off.” These were some of the shared moments that made my dad the most funny, ridiculous and groaning dad you could have imagined.

Every day when growing up and even to this day, my Dad seems to find puns in everything.

At the Baseball game, “Did you hear about the guy who got hit in the head with a can of soda? He was lucky it was a soft drink.” Or at the grandkids’ science fair, “Atoms are untrustworthy little critters. They make up everything!”

This is our way of giving our dad a taste of his own medicine.

“Hey dad, did you hear about the guy who invented Lifesavers? They say he made a mint.'”

Why The Punny Factory?

Opening a new company is a major decision and, for us, a life changing event. Working in children’s clothing is an exceptionally rewarding career since the majority of our customers are there because they want to find something their children will love to wear. It’s fun helping grandparents choose something special for a beloved grandchild. Having five children of our own, lets us experience daily smiles while specializing in fun clothing for kids.

Punny Shirts was launched with the goal of providing clean and fun puns that make parents feel good about what their child is wearing.

Adding in comfortable clothing, tags, affordability and sustainability in organic products makes for a better world, reducing the environmental impacts of the fashion industry on our planet. We use local suppliers for our shirts, silk screening, embroidery, and shipping in North America, supporting a stronger domestic economy.

All our products are designed and hand printed in North America.

By supporting Punny shirts, you’re showing customers, employees and your community that you care about making a positive difference.

What Makes The Punny Factory Unique?

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Our Designs and Logos are quite unique and different. And different is what people notice. Being the same like everybody else hardly attracts any attention.

Brands are all about loyalty but you need a personality to develop relationships with your customers. And personality is always unique by definition. Believe me when I tell you our company has lots of personality.

Our real uniqueness is authentic value and character of our products, consumer insight and simply what competitors do not offer.



Each piece of clothing, style & design, is painstakingly created by our in-house team of designers and clothing experts. We take the time and effort to try new designs with our own unique Punny characters and make sure they look good.


Our designs are fun, colourful, and punny! To compliment, we like to use only the best feeling shirts with soft, breathable materials.


Since our designs are so intricate, many can’t be silk screened. In these cases, we use a large specialized printing machine. Through this process our complex and eye-catching designs can be printed straight onto any of our shirts when inserted into this printer. They ink dries quickly and is softer and smoother than most silkscreening processes.


Now that we have the physical clothing ready to go, our silk screen specialists apply our unique logo designs to each piece of clothing. Our fun and colourful logos on the back of each Punny Shirt is unique to just that shirt. We apply all logos slightly differently with variations in colour, position, and other effects (which may include puffing, glow in the dark, scratch-n-sniff, or sparkles). This ensures your Punny Shirt is unique to you!



Once complete with our fun characters, our clothing is ready to go straight to you! Our packaging is fun, unique, and 100% recyclable. We ship via Canada Post and United States Postal Service

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