Sushi-Mania Pinball Machine

Sushi -Mania focuses on a sushi restaurant that was exposed by some contaminated Soy Sauce, that was mistakenly delivered to the restaurant by the supply company from Area 51. When the contaminated Soy Sauce interacts with the food, the sushi & other food begin to form into warriors & take their battle too seriously.

Back Glass

The sushi has gone radioactive and become alive, you need to become a master chef to beat these different Sushi. The wasabi targets will help you along your way to gain enough experience to take a crack at the big bash toy.  

You need to build up your cooking skills and become the master sushi chef in order to defeat all of these attacking Sushi.

Background sounds and voices of Japanese action music and common sayings you would hear in Sushi restaurant setting.

 Your first skill shot would be into a bowl of Noodles. Will you get the mild, hot, spicy or extreme hot bonus? Lets add in the Asian money cat that the will be used as a guide to give you good or bad luck. 

Within seconds of shooting your ball you enter Japan, and encounter the phrase “Irasshaimase!” (いらっしゃいませ!), meaning “Welcome to the store!” or “Come on in!.”

Or should they say: Here’s what we’re gonna cover!!!                                              The Slice, The Chop, The Back-Slice, The Rock-Chop!!!!!



Engraved Red Cherry Wood Cabinet

Cherry cabinets have been consistently popular for decades despite other trends going in and out. Firstly, it should be noted that “cherry” is in fact a wood species, and not just a color. Cherry wood, especially “select cherry” from higher end custom cabinet manufacturers, exhibits a very even, soft, distinctive wood grain that looks great completely natural or stained.

Cherry wood is typically chosen for the aesthetic appeal of its wood grain. Left unstained, cherry cabinets will eventually darken and turn the darker areas of the wood a reddish brown, and lighter areas more yellowish brown.

This is the wood that we have chosen to showcase Sushi-Mania. It will come with a fully engraved cabinet and back box including a Knife handle shooting rod and a money cat topper. 

If you add cherry wood chips as a smoked material when making smoked foods, it will added a deeper warmth. Compared to Japan cherries, the cherries’ color of American Cherry is more black.


Unique Playfield & Side Art

The entire playfield would be set out as an Arial view of a Japanese Sushi restaurant that would be complemented by a full art package flowing onto the inside of the cabinet giving the game a 3D perspective.

We are again choosing not to have a monitor on the back glass but use a small TV on the playfield for the non-distraction animations and then have a LCD screen built into the bow-tie for scoring.

An itamae 板前 (a cook, chef[1]) is a cook in a Japanese kitchen or a chef of a large restaurant (especially of high-end Japanese cuisine). The term can be translated literally as “in front of the board,” referring to a cutting board.


Amazing Lower Full Art Package

We have once again designed a full lower art package on the inside of the cabinet including the floor. We really do feel that these little extras go along way to showing off the quality of our pinball machines.

Master Itamae, the apprentice is given their first important task related to making sushi: preparation of the sushi rice. The rice is prepared according to the strict instructions of the senior itamae, and each sushi restaurant has its own “secret” recipe of rice, salt, and rice vinegar.


Available Late 2021

Sushi-Mania Pinball Promo Video

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