Each pinball machine game we design is painstakingly created by our in-house team of designers and gaming experts. We take the time and effort to create new designs with our own unique ideas and original characters to create a challenging and enjoyable pinball experience for all.

Rules & Parts

Rules and Exclusive pinball parts are the heart and soul of our Pinball Machines. Each of our Pinball Machines all have a different rule set and several unique pinball parts and challenges exclusive to only our machines.

Playfield Mock-up

Our pinball playfields are only made with the highest quality of wood then reverse-printed with an added base coat. When inclined at a 6-to-7-degree angle, we wanted to create just enough speed to whiz though our many obstacles. These obstacles and targets are then wired into the main control system.


Since our artwork designs are so detailed, our silk screened process is slow and steady.
We use only the best specialized wood printing machine for our cabinet graphics. It is the artwork on the cabinet, backglass, playfield and the plastics that creates the aura which sets the tone and mood for a game long before that first coin drops into the slot.

Animation & Voiceovers

Animation is not the art of making drawings move, but the art of drawing movement. And we have a ton of it packed into all of our Pinball Machines.

Only the best voice-over talent records the narration and dialogue that accompanies all of our pinball productions.

Cabinet Design

Selecting the perfect wood, fasteners and powder coated trims are an important step in our process. It is an integral part of any game and increasingly recognised as worthy of appreciation and exhibition.


Testing is discovering how well something works. In terms of our Pinball Machines, testing tells us what level of fun or skill we are missing and need to be added. Months of Software testing are an essential part of our pinball machine manufacturing process.


Marketing is teaching our consumers why they should choose our product over those of our competitors. If we’re not doing that, then we’re not marketing.


Punny Factory

Oh no, there’s been an explosion at the Punny Factory! Help Casey gather all the Punnys and get that Factory up and running again.

Sushi Mania

The (Itamae) Sushi chef has gone mad and is trying to (Kiru) terminate the innocent Sushi. Help restore order in the kitchen by controlling the Wasabi and Mega Sushi Roll.

Ninja Mania

The Ninja village has gone haywire and Ninjas are everywhere! It’s your job to master the art of Ninjutsu, grab your Katana and become the Master Shinobi in order to save the town.

First Class

Ever wanted to travel the world? Just pick your destination, shoot for your tickets, luggage and passports and climb aboard. Travel enough and who knows; one day you just might make it up to First Class.

Canada Eh!

Every wondered what it would be like to be a Loonie Toonie Canuck? Well, grab your toque, a Double-double and a beaver, and head up to the Great White North for some super snowboarding, a kerfuffle in hockey and a mighty moose tossing EH!

Shipping To You

Now complete, our Pinball Machines are ready to go to their new homes! We only ship using the fastest and safest companies that understand the handling treatment of a Pinball Machine.