Fruit-O-Matics Pinball Machine

Our enchanted Pinball machine is the perfect setting for a mix of Pokemon action, Indiana Jones adventure and a little blue pinch of the Smurfs. As a pinball machine, the Fruit-O-Matics will entertain on so many different levels. Who doesn’t love a good fruit or squash.  Decades have passed with nothing but peace to the town of Scentville. An unmanageable villain has now surfaced and stumbled onto the mountains ancient ruins. The power to release these mountain creatures that will reek havoc on the innocent townspeople of Scentville has now been granted. You will have to play as the Fruit-O-Matics and move fast to stop these creatures before they destroy their sacred island.


On a remote and idyllic village island pinball play-field, inhabited by happy fruits, vegetables and nuts, lives the plucky, Fruit-O-Matics.                                    The 8 magic crystals not only spark heroic action, but also emit super-powers to the Fruit-O-Matics.                                                                                                      Take the genuine cuteness found in some Japanese cartoons, add (particularly on villains) the goofier character designs in shows like THE SIMPSONS and ROCKY & BULLWINKLE and blend in the musicality and “any object in the scene could be used as a character” quality of the old-time cartoons. 


The modest leader of the Fruit-O-Matics, Core wields both a powerful Scent Attack and the Great Sword of the Isle of Tree – a lush and placid island that smells of citrus and lavender.

Able to fly with super speed and trained in the art of weaponry, Core is able to conjure the power of “Beam” – which in Core‘s homeland represents the all-pervasive Life Force handed down in the beginning by the mythical Greenhouse Master. Core calls the Apple Tree-house home, and meets with the other Fruit-O-Matics members there whenever trouble arises.

He also has two brothers, Taffy and Blackbeard the Rotten.

 Although Core possesses prodigious fighting powers, he often opts not to use them. He knows how to negotiate when there’s a conflict and also is quite adept at out-thinking potential adversaries. Everybody seeks his counsel and good humor. Because Core is so valuable to the town, there will be episodes based on the premise of just how the Fruit-O-Matics meet challenges when Core is ill or unavailable. 

Black-Beard the Rotten

Like his brothers Core and Taffy, Blackbeard the Rotten was born on the Island of Tree but the similarities end there. Blackbeard represents the dark side of the trinity of brothers and lusts after the power crystals, power and gold, leading him to sail the Seven Seas in constant search of treasure. He’s fought and won many a battle during his pirate years and has nearly perfected the art of swashbuckling swords. Blackbeard continues to sail his ship the Rotten Black Apple with his first mate Dill and his faithful pet worm Inch High.

Available 2022

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