How it All Started

One of the Pinball/Arcades Andrew visited as a child.
Four quarters for a dollar. That’s what this eleven-year old would get when he placed a dollar into the hand of the arcade attendant. My father always read the paper and drank his twenty-five cent coffee every Sunday morning when he took me downtown to the local strip in the heart of the City. Fifteen to twenty pinball and video arcade shops littered the five miles of the main drag and, when walking by, all you could hear is the video and pinball sounds and smell cigar and cigarette smoke. Walking in through the flashing lights, smoke, and bells and whistles, you'd find all the now vintage video game favourites like "Donkey Kong" , “Frogger” and "PacMan," and pinball classics like "Black Knight" and "Taxi." Who would think that five years later I'd be the one shelling out the quarters!?

Fast forward, like the movie Click, and add in a children's clothing business, wife, kids, and house and now I need a hobby. In my case, pinball comes to mind. The first few pinballs turned out to be fixer uppers; replacing lights, rubber rings, some plastic pieces, and, then, something on one of the boards went! Realizing I needed some help, I researched online and looked through the bookstores, and came across some resources online and a ton of pinball videos on YouTube.

I eventually called and spoke to a few of these Pinball specialists who gave me some really useful tips to help improve the life and playability of my machines. While these tips and tricks were great, I thought, “Why hasn’t anyone gathered these tips up and published them?” And thus, Pinball Adventures was born!

Why stop at publishing pinball books, why not create pinball machines as well. Pinball Adventures listened and decided to try their very best to give pinball players original adventurous machines that are fun and themed for everyone.

I hope you will all enjoy, Andrew